I have a small axe to grind with you, Mr. Steam. While we here at the Hard Line enjoy saving the odd buck, and consequently we thank you for the saving, but in doing so you should NOT have to make America citizens look poorer than other countries.

Case in point: The Steam release of BioShock 2

US Edition

Australian Edition

Now I presume some of the keen thinkers will be saying, ‘oh that’s the Australian currency exchange rate‘, but NO sadly it isn’t so. They are paying $79.99 US dollars, while we are paying $49.99 USD.

I find this quite un-American that our own local companies deem our country in such poor finical disrepair that they have to charge us 40% less than a convict founded country.

Please man up 2k games and Steam, you are letting our great country down.

59 Responses to “Steam implies: Americans Gamer 40% poorer than Australians.”

  1. Wow… that’s really messed up. Add this to the list of ways that Aussie gamers are getting royally screwed over.

    • avatar Ricky

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  2. avatar Jacob

    Australia’s dollar, having being lower in the past, means we’ve had higher priced video games.
    As we’ve gone up however, so has the game price.
    I would rather look ‘poor’ like america than have to spend 120 bucks on modern warfare 2 and mass effect 2 when its cheaper to import.
    Add that to the censoship board and you have, as Mark there said, a royal screw over for us Aussie gamers

    • avatar Yurico

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  3. avatar WarStealth

    whats screwed up is people like this that say they are unamerican bill your a loser

  4. avatar LordCancer

    It’s is messed up. Not only do they pay more they get censored. Maybe that’s a censorship fee to pay the developers the work it requires to make it appropriate for there market.

    Sadly while I don’t know the full reasoning behind why other countries are getting ripped off… I do know that I and probably many other americans are poor. I’m not paying $49.99 for bioshock 2. They’re lucky if I buy the game even when its discounted heavily considering I payed $20 bucks for the 360 version and $5 for the pc version of bioshock and I still haven’t finished either version. It was just kinda boring eh. gamedealdaily . com has bioshock 2 region free japanese version with english voice for $39.99 and I’m still not buying it.

    I hope that your not suggesting we americans pay more? I think the game should be cheaper at launch anyway if they want me to buy this or any other game. I’ll buy more games new and take more chances day one at $29.99 then $49.99 or $59.99 and $79.99 is simply outrageous on top of an overpriced commodity as it is. If brutal legend was $29.99 I would have bought that when it came out but they had to go price it at $50/60 foo foo on them eh when it didn’t sale. I’ve switched from being a hardcore gamer to being a mainstream gamer and I want mainstream prices dammit!

    DLC is a SCAM! SCAM I SAY! give me back my editors!

    • avatar Bruno

      1. Yes you would have to buy it through EA2. I ordreed at Amazon.co.uk and it will arrive at November 5 7. So through EA probably November3. You can buy it on steam too but then its a download and not a physical copy (risk that your account get hacked)4. If you get it through EA you can not put it into steam. Steam is just the download. There you wouldn’t get the Play4Free items either. They are JUST for EA store orders of BF3.So i would recommend to get it on the EA store, because its faster, an actual CD/DVD and you get the Play4Free stuff.Was this answer helpful?

  5. avatar wall st banker

    its called interest rate differentional and real exchange rate vs exchange rate.

    if a country has a different interest rate than another thats factored into the cost e.g. US interest is at what 0.25% and Aus interest rate is 3.75% meaning Aus dollar is worth more than Aus dollar.. there is also a difference between exchange rate and real exchange rate.

    exchange rate e.g = £/$
    real exchange rate e.g = (US price/Aus price) x (us$/aus$)

    that means (50/75)x(1/0.8748) = 0.76
    0.76% of 50 = 38 Aus $

    so doing a real exchange rate conversion the US$ price is actually $88Aus

    they actually have it cheaper than the US.

    so with all due respect – you dont know what your talking about.

  6. avatar Anon

    Wait, you’re whining about a game being too cheap? I’d whine about the austrailian version being too expensive, and they both could be cheaper.

    • avatar Jimmy

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  7. avatar shikamaroooo

    as i live in Australia the jobs we work at give us a lot money then working in the us i mean electrician plumbers all get payed more then doctors even doctors get 100 000+ a year plus there were indegious australia way before the convicts arived

  8. avatar mexican guy

    Many times I think that americans are stupid people, and then I meet one and think may be not. But really, when I read articles like this one, a guy complaining about a game being too cheap to the point that he thinks its “un-American” becasue people in other countries will think of them as poor?, man, this guy is really stupid and the only thing he acomplishes by writing this stuff is to make us think in other countries that americans ARE stupid.

    • avatar Auth

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  9. avatar Gezbox

    I live in Australia aswell. Steam (Valve) are not the problem here. They don’t set the prices, the publishers do.

    The main offenders on Aussie steam are

    -Sega (64.99usd for AvP, 69.99usd for Napoleon Total War, 69.99usd for Football Manager 2010)
    -2K Games as mentioned for Bioshock 2 (Also 79.99usd for Boarderlands)
    -Activision the biggest offender (89.99usd for Modern Warfare 2)
    -THQ (79.99usd for Metro 2033, 69.99usd for Red Faction, )

    The games i just listed above are the only ones diffrent from the US Store when doing an advanced search on Steam. Everything else is priced the same as the American store.

    The flipside of the coin is that we get better Steam deals than the American store.

    3.74 for Titan Quest while the Yanks get it for 5bucks
    1.49 for STALKER while the yanks get it for almost double

    There are others but i have forgetten the deals from the top of my head.

  10. avatar Thongslapper

    per capita, best sporting nation in the world, famous beaches and weather, laid back attitude, numerous inventions that are now global (seatbelts, aviation black boxes, cochlear implants, spray on skin, refrigerator etc)… not bad for a country of convicts huh… We should be more like americans shouldn’t we… No gun control, no public health care unless you have greenbacks… Way to piss off all the aussies that read this article, good job, dumbass!

    • avatar Unsa

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  11. avatar Noname

    If it’s up to steam to set the prices, they would sell at much cheaper and run every other pc game retailer out of business

  12. avatar Gezbox


    No its not Steam to set the prices its the publishers, how hard is that for you to understand? Steam and 2K Games are not the same thing. Geeezzzzzzzz…….

    The only prices Steam (Valve) set are on its own games like Counter Strike and Half Life.

    • avatar Vikas

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  13. avatar so

    all the stuff in australia sucks. censored games, kangaroos, the stupid way the people talk, just sink already.

    • avatar Annisa

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    • avatar Ashwani

      I hope that T-mobile doe’s not get bought out by at t. I feel that we shloud have more choices than just 4 service providers. The more people that can have nation wide services means more choices and lower prices so more people can pay there bill and I feel that if you like a carrier you will stay with them not because there the cheapest, because you like the services they provide you. I would rather have 500 providers with nation wide service at 10 30 dollars unlimited min text web + choices

  14. “Wait, you’re whining about a game being too cheap? I’d whine about the austrailian version being too expensive, and they both could be cheaper.”
    Have pride in your Country.

  15. avatar PG556

    Another Aussie here. I find this article highly amusing, and by God do I love Poe’s Law.

    Ok, first up, so it’s clear- all Steam prices are in USD, none in AUD. So when we’re paying 80 bucks, thats American dollars, which ends up being around 90 or so Aussie dollars. Also, it’s set by the producers, Activision/EA/etc, not by Valve/Steam.

    Second, that’s still cheaper than at the brick/mortar stores we have, where new release is around $110.

    The reasons are partially because of exchange rate, shipping costs, store markups, etc. but the main reason is because there are still Aussies who earn enough cash to be willing to spend that much outright. They figure if people will still buy it for that much, then sell for $110 initially then drop the price to a level where more people are willing to buy it for.

    And truth be told, Aussies earn a fair bit, to compensate for the price of living here (especially out bush, $1.50 per litre of petrol if you find a cheap servo)

    tl;dr- Steam lets companies raise price for Aussies, Aussies will pay for it because we have more money than brains.

    • avatar Tamosha

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  16. avatar Baz


    I think you’re misunderstanding Noname…how hard is it for you to understand that he was implying it ISN’T up to Steam to set prices.

    14 yr old.

  17. avatar wav

    I’m loaded so who cares.

  18. avatar shikamaroooo


    you fail

    • avatar Shivani

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  19. avatar Get Real


    The main reason games and hardware are more expensive in Australia is because our consumer base is so small. Compared to America and Europe, Australia is a small fish in a very big lake. It has nothing to do with how much Aussies earn or how much they are willing to spend at the store. It’s common business practice that moving large volumes of merchandise translates into cheaper prices. Exchange rates and shipping costs do factor into the price at the store also, as you pointed out. Check out the number of consoles sold in Australia and you will see that we are fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It’s a shame ‘cos I’m sick of paying more for the same item than the Americans or Europeans, but such is life.

  20. avatar Alex

    Rofl this article is stupid as hell.

    All Australians that aren’t retarded know how to buy the games uncensored/cheap. Just add ?cc=us to the end of the Steam store link, like so:


    And bam! American store! We just need to make up a fake address and phone number, and we get the same as you.

  21. avatar Me

    Its hard being an Australian, I’ve had to drink 3 times more cans of Fosters than normal so I can cash the cans in just to pay for games!

    • avatar Sindhu

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  22. avatar PG556


    Example of a faux-Aussie. Only poms drink Fosters, real Aussies drink Four Ex, Emu, Carlton, Tooheys, and so on. :P

  23. avatar +R18+

    It is stupid but most smart Aussie gamers should know how to get around this problem; its the clueless casual/mainstream gamers that pay those ridiculous prices. Also teddies and summer brights ftw!

  24. avatar D_O_A

    The OP is a bloody moron, why complain about cheap games? And the prices of games on steam in Australia have nothing to do with the exchange rate, as we pay the marked up price in US dollars.

    Don’t like the prices of games in Australia? blame the publishers…. the games don;t have nearly the retail markup most people think. (roughly $80 cost, more for Activision releases)

    • avatar Farheen

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  25. avatar Me


    Or maybe I’m someone you know…PAINGOD! PCPP 4EVA! :thumbsup: (<clue)

  26. avatar war-eyes

    I think some of you guys aren’t actually getting this article. It’s nice to see you all trying though!

    Maybe take a quick break and come back.

    • avatar Journey

      And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me srtahigt.

    • avatar Jed

      One of my pet peeves is email prragoms (including some that are permanently embedded into “Internet appliances” and mobile phones) that render email messages with a proportional font, rather than a monospaced font (where I and W occupy the same width). This breaks tables, columns of figures and simple “text diagrams”. >:-(

  27. avatar Earl

    I prefer paying more for my games, makes me feel better than those stupid americans

  28. avatar AngelHavoc

    To those missing it, he’s pointing out the idiocity that is the pricing of Bioshock 2 on Steam.

    Australians pay $80 US.
    Americans pay $50 US.

    On top of this, $1 US is worth MORE than $1 AU ($1 AU = $0.90 US, last I checked).

    Same product, same method of purchasing it, yet different price.

    @ the OP: Very well done.

  29. avatar markgreyam

    With the money you responders are saving maybe you could buy a sense of humor (or brains, I’m having trouble telling exactly what it is that’s missing here)

  30. avatar CodPiece

    Whatever markgreyam (sounds like a made up name anyway)! Sounds like you could do with a sense of humour as well!

  31. avatar UnAmerican

    America must be punished or destroyed.
    Only a fool would buy this regurgitated garbage anyway.

  32. avatar Shined

    I think you guys miss the point of this a little, all you a getting here it content, its the same content barring censorship no mater where you are, so the actual question is why does it cost you more to download the game of the same size in australia than in the US, the data is pretty much the same, theres no box, no disk unless you back it up and pay for the disk/s yourself so effectively you are paying for the game, the backup media, the download… I.E people in non US locations are simply being milked because they can be milked regardless of who is setting the prices.

  33. avatar Earl

    I eat leaves.

    • avatar Anna

      Tim, what you say here is simply iroerncct. You are wrong to say that those who opposed interracial marriage defined marriage as a union between people of the same ethnicity. They did not. They acknowledged that it was possible for a black man and white woman to get married. They accepted that this would meet the definition of marriage. Their problem with these unions is not that they weren’t marriage, their problem is that they thought it was *wrong* to mix the races. See the difference?

  34. avatar Lul.

    Make an american account and gift it to yourself.


    • avatar Dual

      Doesn’t work, I need an American credit card, and since the Patriot act those are impossible to get for non-citizens.

  35. avatar conpanbear

    I was just wondering, perhaps you could get an American Express (avail. in Australia) and make a US account to gift to yourself?
    The point for me is, I don’t want to resort to fraud and scamming to simply purchase a game at the same price as our American buddies. I could understand the mark-up if we were talking about a physical item, which would have shipping/marketing/other handling costs, but if we’re selling a digital item, I would hope to see the prices all at the same level, all in US dollars.
    I can also understand the local interest affecting prices; I remember watching a doco where they were charging a greater price for several big-name strategy games in the UK, where interest in the franchises were high, but for peanuts in the US, and vice versa with some of the FPS.
    Still, I would hope on a whole that Steam and the devs would regulate their prices to have less of a disparity.

  36. avatar Cristina

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    • avatar Logy

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