Avatar ImageNintendo must reinvent Mario for him to survive
By: William HardLine | February 8th, 2010 | 3,101 views

We all know Mario as the happy go-lucky, kiddy-friendly, mushroom munching plumber, but is this ‘image’ going to damage Nintendo’s future relationship with the now adult gamers? I believe it will, and now is the time that Nintendo MUST redesign Mario, or risk losing the large majority of the ageing fanbase.

Below I’ll present 4 potential paths that Nintendo could take Mario on.

Mario of War.

With Dante’s Inferno &  Bayonetta recently reviving the Hack and Slash Genre, now would be the ideal time to put out a Mario inspired hack and slash! Can you imagine dualing against Wario, doing quick time events to try and slash him up, while avoiding swarms of goombas? That would be seriously awesome.

Or even better, taking on Bowser in true Shadow of the Colossus fashion, giant boss, combos, blood, and loads of gore! An then finally, after rescuing the princess being able to make love for bonus points, and health regen. Bonzai!

A Mario with excess blood and gore would certainly make a dent in the adult market.

Final Mario.

Okay, this is what I envision, an adult themed Mario RPG, dealing with life, death and survival.. Also potentially make Mario a little bit emo-ish to inspire the younger players.

Ideally I would like it to be a multi-dvd game, perhaps 3? And at the end of the first dvd they kill off Princess Peach (Maybe Wario stabs her with a sword), this would work to get the gamers really angsty, as emotion filled RPG go down a lot better then mundane text filled adventures (yes, i’m looking at you Paper Mario).

Make note of this one Nintendo, it’s gold!

World of MarioCraft.

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, a MMO-Mario would sell like bananas coated in chocolate with nuts! They could make multiple factions the Antagonists and Protagonists. Imagine being able to play as an Antagonists Koopa, grinding away so you can go kidnap the princess from Mario, then the opposing faction has to attempt to rescue her before you brutally rape and murder her.

Further more, you could have factions within factions, eg; you could have different policies on kidnapping… like the bowsers could just take her and not abuse her, but in opposisition the Dry Bones will kidnap her and attempt to plunder her body for goodies…

While the protagonists are regularly rescuing the princess for rewards.

Think of the potential Nintendo!

Multi-platform Mario.

Seriously Nintendo, no serious gamers want a Wii, if you want our loveable Mario to survive, please unleash his future games on real consoles.


To conclude, where would you like to see the Mario franchise taken?

52 Responses to “Nintendo must reinvent Mario for him to survive”

  1. avatar What...

    Wouldn’t Sonic be a better first choice?

    • avatar Lynette

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  2. avatar Tim

    When I started reading this I was like “WHAT-THE-HECK?! I hope this is sarcastic!” Then I read Multi-platform Mario and was happy with the sarcasm.

    • avatar Vanessa

      darte cuenta lo que es un rumor y lo que es un hecho, has pseuto una noticia sin tener evidencia de que Mario sera un juego multiplataforma, eso es un rumor!! Hubo un momento en el cual Sony quereda comprar aNintendo los derechos de Zelda, y ese rumor se convirtif3 en una bacteria de los mismos fans de Sony, que decian que esa saga era la mejor y ahora dicen lo contrario porque Nintendo no entrego los derechos de zelda. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, son Nintendo!! @LyLu si tienes IPhone y quieres jugar Mario bros pues busca un emulador de Nintendo y te diviertes!! Aunque no es lo mismo, es muy incomodo jugar en iOS!!! Nintendo the best of the best, Ok @LyLu!!!!

  3. avatar Anon

    Mario is meant for little kids and that audience, changing it would be wrong.

    Also, nice to see you’re a “hardcore” gamer that won’t play the wii because you follow the gamer cliche and don’t actually play games for fun like real gamers do.

  4. I lol’d. If you meant this to be funny, I think it was really good. Although, I think that the Paper Mario games are exemplary in a genre that is all-too-often covered in explosive verbal diarrhea.

  5. “Follow the gamer cliche and don’t actually play games for fun like real gamers do.”
    I play games for fun, but if the game is designed for pre-schoolers, then it isn’t much fun.

  6. avatar Tracy

    Hmmm. I’m having a hard time figuring out who here is a complete jackass and who is awesome… Haha!

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  7. avatar Anonymous

    wtf mario doesnt need to change to survive, this article is so full of crap. have i bought a mario game since mario sunshine, no. tht doesnt mean no 1 else aint buying the mustachioed’s games. whts the new mario bros on wii clocking at worldwide/7, 8 mill, exactly. wanna know wht it is ppl have more of then money, kids a whole bunch of kids. so as long as there are kids parents will buy mario. this article is no doubt written by a nintendo hater. wht a joke.

  8. avatar lee

    why not have both? have a more mature mario for the younger ones to grow into,i wouldnt say make him bloody but introduce more things,maybe mature him a little in one franchise and leave him be in the other,like with zelda wind waker/twilight princess

    • avatar Jaqueline

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  9. This is awesome! Hopefully we’ll get more from you in the future.

    • avatar Nwankwo

      Chiaramente tutte queste aucsce mosse alla wii sono generate da forte invidia nei confronti di nintendo che riuscita a sviluppare una console a basso costo e a guadagnarci un sacco di soldi. Le software house non hanno mai investito nella wii credendo che sarebbe stato un buco nell’acqua, ora che si sono accorti del loro errore sparano a zero per sminuire il potenziale della console. Tale atteggiamento a dir poco ridicolo. Come si fa a dire che non ci sono giochi decenti per wii? E’ una cosa assurda come hanno gi fatto notare altri utenti che hanno portato come esempi i vari giochi di mario, metroid, zelda e molti altri.Io possiedo sia una wii che una xbox 360 e non c’ paragone tra le 2 console, la wii quella pi utilizzata in assoluto (a parte wii play e wii sports non possiedo party games). Ho ancora una sfilza infinita di giochi wii da finire e con quelli che usciranno non so quando trover il tempo.Bene ho finito ora vado a preordinare red steel 2 (un altro bel gioco di m***a per wii).

  10. 3 words. Grand Theft Yoshi.

    Enjoyed this post, thanks!

  11. avatar tactics

    great article :)

    • avatar Ndie

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  12. avatar Pete

    I like the idea of having Mario appeal to older, mature gamers, and then having him go all emo to appeal to the youngsters in FFM.

    Mario games sell. Mario platformers rock. If they’re not your cup of tea then I don’t think Nintendo will get too upset. Mario is almost as old as me so he’s hardly struggling to keep up.

  13. avatar Eddie Green

    Mature gamers like retro, niche and indie titles. Stuff Like Mario. The games and hardware you describe principally appeal to single adolescent boys who do it by themselves in darkened rooms. Whereas Mario is something I do with with my significant other. Pretty sure I know which is prefer. :-)

    • avatar Prita

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  14. avatar buttface

    umm…. Everyone loves Mario. Thats why its sales are kicking ass. Most of the people I know that are playing NSMW are in their mid to late 20s

    • avatar Solveig

      The problem is Nintendo is too fat. They’re too sufuessccl and so they don’t have to make any effort to make money. Which means the can make even crappy games and still make tons of cash. Basically Nintendo doesn’t need us, they have casual gamers.For me at least it really is too little too late. Now that Nintendo is working on Mario Galaxy 2, NSMB, the new zelda game…to me it feels as though Nintendo is saying “hey look, Zelda/Mario/Whatever!” to appease the real gamers. I like Zelda and all…but Nintendo watered it down for the “casual” players. They did the same to Galaxy too, which is why I didn’t like them both too much (they were fun and all, but not particularly challenging or innovative). The only thing that saved Twilight in my book was Midna…I don’t know if I’m even going to go out and buy any of those big Nintendo games, which is sad for me as a nintendo fan..

    • avatar Angela

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  15. avatar Tres21

    im sorry 4 askin but u ppl arent serious r u, u do get it was a jokey kind of thing u dont really get this bent out of shape over a joke do u? marios sellin #’s 2 know mario isnt goin away netime soon, aye hardline maybe they wouldnt get so upset if u saved it 4 April but if u were serious some points u had would be cool maybe a Fable type mario where u travel around u could even knock up daisy in in 1 city & peach in another while givin the vulgar thrust 2 bowsers daughter.lol or A hard rain mario where the origami killer turns out 2 be an upset luigi for not gettin a sequel yet 2 haunted mansion….the possiblities are endless.lol

  16. avatar mariomuddled


  17. avatar Leathersoup

    Yeah… Nintendo obviously has no idea what they’re doing or how to make something successful. Oh wait…

  18. avatar This is Dumb

    talk about retarded…. this entire article is a huge waste.

    new mario wii…. is most def surviving.

  19. avatar David Macphail

    If this article was meant as a joke…….then it was a bad one.

    If this article was meant to be serious…………then i fear for the author’s psychological condition.

    Seriously, either the person who wrote this has no taste in humour or they have learning difficulties……i’m struggling to pinpoint the answer myself.

  20. avatar Ed


    Anon said, “Follow the gamer cliche and don’t actually play games for fun like real gamers do.”

    You replied, “I play games for fun, but if the game is designed for pre-schoolers, then it isn’t much fun.”

    Hardline, you’re a moron. If you played for fun you wouldn’t care what the game looks like or whatever style and theme it portrays. Keep sounding like an idiot. I love reading ignorant posts from stupid people like you.

    • avatar Mark

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  21. avatar Jonathan

    This is the most stupid blog post I’ve read in months.
    The guy is just jealous that he can’t play Mario on his system(s) of choice.
    Admit it, you want a Wii.

  22. avatar Snaredrums

    This article is bad and you should FEEL bad
    seriously, I lol’d.

  23. I want to thank Will for allowing such people to comment.

    I honestly didn’t think that people this stupid could actually work a computer. How wrong I was. Jesus Effing Christ. Please continue to post, morons, you are making my day.

  24. avatar buttface

    Wanna see my toes? Huh? Huh? Do ya?

  25. avatar Ridly

    Serious gamers dont want Wii, huh?
    Define serious.

    • avatar Judy

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  26. avatar Anonymous

    Maybe it’s just me, but Mario seemed more mature back in the day…. I can’t help but shake the feeling that it’s gotten more and more cute/happy go lucky as the years have gone by.

  27. avatar ledhead

    Anonymous guy, i think your helmet might be a bit too tight. This was obvious satire. If you don’t know what that means this article was intended as a joke, and it was pretty funny. Even it wasn’t, I think you care a little too much, so take a xanax and get a sense of humor. And a girlfriend.

  28. avatar Elisabete

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    • avatar Samkutty

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    • avatar Kick

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  29. avatar Aparecida

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    • avatar Mosta

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